Another article on the replica watches uk IWC Portuguese.

Although many years have passed, IWC still plays an important role in the luxury watch industry, especially the Portofino models and the Portuguese models. I talked about two replica watches uk IWC in previous posts, now I’m going to talk about another replica IWC watch again. This is a replica IWC Portuguese Chronograph watch, it is actually well cloned and ranks among the top 10 replica watches list. Portofino, Portuguese and Big Pilot mdoels are all imitated very well in the watch replica industry.

This IWC Portuguese replica watch has good working chronograph, blue needles and hour markers, which are one of the most attractive points among casual watches. The layout design and other details make the dial elegant and pretty. Although the diameter of the watch case is 40 mm, it looks like a big watch, which is easy to read the time.

The polished watch case has smooth lines, and the buttons and crown give you a feeling of refined operation, in fact, there is not too much to talk about the watch case, it’s because craftmanship polishing and brushing make the replica watches IWC superior and feel solid on the wrist. The black leather strap is made of genuine cow leather, which makes you feel solf and no bad feeling on the wrist.

The watch clasp is of good quality, and it is polished with obvious edge and corners. Then look at the bottom of the watch, it is not complicated like other replica watches, and you will only see the necessary engravings on it. You will find that it is equipped with an Asian Valjoux 7750 movement that is of superior quality after the opening of the watch case. In a nutshell, it’s hard to find a replica watches IWC Portuguese with the best quality at a reasonable price.

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Compare two replica watches uk IWC Portofino from different factory.

Good replica watches IWC Aquatimer with Asia Valjoux 7750 movement.

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Good replica watches IWC Aquatimer with Asia Valjoux 7750 movement.

When it comes to diving watches, I will have IWC Aquatimer in my mind, and this is one of my favorite dive watches, but it’s not because of the large size and the strong appearance In fact, it’s because it seems more casual than other diving watches, therefore, it is very suitable for business suits. Look at the pictures as below, and this is a replica watches which I will talk about in this article.

This model is different from other IWC Aquatimer models because it is not so vintage, but it seems more fashionable. Gernally, the dive watch is great, but this IWC Aquatimer replica watches is not great because it’s only 44mm. The watch is solid 316 stainless steel. In fact, the bezel is small on the case of the watch, which could leave the exposed dial information on your eyes, therefore, it is easier to read the information on the dial.

The blue dial stil has the design style of IWC Aquatimer raditional models. This replica IWC Aquatimer watch has a pure blue dial, and the yellow dive ladders in yellow color are in great contrast to the blue dial, furthermore, the 3 subdials have layered structure on a black background. The hour markers and hands are all filled with white luminescence, which emit a green light in the dark.

Seeing from the right side and the dial layout, you can see that this replica IWC watch is equipped with an Asian Valjoux 7750 automatic movement, and the second small needle is running on the dial at 9 o’clock, 30-minute chronograph counter is At 12 o’clock and the 12-hour chronograph counter is at 6 o’clock, when you press the button at 2 o’clock, the big needle starts to run, then press again, and the needle stops If you want the big needle to return at 12 o’clock, you have to press the button at 4 o’clock.

Open the case of the watch, whose engraving and patterns are also one of the attractive points you will find the most beautiful part of this replica IWC Aquatimer watch – the Asian movement Valjoux 7750, the watch case and the buckle are all brushed, which makes you feel good on your wrist, and the black rubber strap is imported from Japanese, and it is made of natural rubber material.

What makes me surprise is that the time keeps exactly, and it is less than 6 seconds of error every day, which can not have this result.

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replica IWC Aquatimer watch

Compare two replica watches uk IWC Portofino from different factory.

IWC Portofino is the classic model needed in the replica watches industry and it is the first choice when people choose the formal business watches that feature second scanning and leather strap. Mow I’m going to talk about a replica watches uk IWC Portofino.

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Its simple and classic design makes IWC Portofino the success on the market over the years. Three hands are coupled with an elegant date window, which are not too complicated and appropriate. It is the symbol of elegant taste. An automatic self-winding movement, accurate and reliable, counts the passage of time. 40mm watch case makes the entire watch look slim.

Look at the image below, the one on the left is the best version of the YCK constructor and it is with 2892 movements, and the one on the right is from an unknown manufacturer (we call it R temporarily)

Seeing two dials, you will see that the dial on the left has a little yellow color, which is almost the same color as the original.

Many replica watches IWC Portofino exstied watches on the market are very thick because they are equipped with 2824 automatic movement, but this replica watches uk IWC Portofino is pvvously slim. Look at the pictures as below, the upper watch is equipped with 2892 movement, and the bottom is equipped with 9015 movement. In fact, the thickness of the original is 9.4mm, but the uppper one is 9.9mm, and the bottom is 10.3mm. I think thickness is the important factor if you want to buy a good replica IWC Portofino watch.

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Look at the pictures in order as below: YCK – R – original, and you will see that the letter spacing of the two replica watches IWC Portofino watches are a little larger than the original.

The biggest difference is the date window on the IWC Portofino replica watch face. Look at the picture as below, that of YCK has the smaller date font and its date font position is not correct. And that of R has a silver background on the date window that is close to the original.

Both versions have the same IWC lettering as the original, which is lightweight in color and the font is not as thick as the replica watch.

The engraving on the replica IWC Portofino watch from YCK has the same lettering space as the original. In addition, the case engraving is also very close to the original.

The replica watches uk IWC Portofino from YCK has a good quality loop, it is better than the R version. Please see the images below.

Open the bottom of the watch to see the movement. You can see replica watches that came from big and famous manufacturer will engrave letters inside the case of the watch, but the little manufacturer will not do it.

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YCK uses 2892 movement, while R uses 9015 movement, which has better stability and low repair rate, which is why I really like watches that use Japanese movement.

Two replica watches IWC Portofino are good because there are no obvious flaws, the level of imitation is higher than IWC Portuguese replica watches.